Art Piece „Crypto“



This artwork can be bought by anyone. It can be owned by anyone. You won’t get a proof that this digital piece of art belongs to you. If you say so, it does. The device you browse this website with has stored a copy of it most likely, and that copy already belongs to you!

Because This Is Not Crypto Art.

This artwork can truly belong to you, a natural person. It can not, however, belong to a company, it can’t be sold by anyone else except for me, and it may never be used commercially. Never.

You, however, a natural person, you may do with it whatever you like. Download it, sure! Print it, why not! On a T-shirt for you to wear, yes! For you to gift, of course! (For you to sell: Nah, we covered that.) You may make more copies of it, as long as you add the info about me, the artist, as this artwork comes with the CC-BY-SA-NC 4.0 copyright. You can create new art based on this work, just check the CC rules linked.

Can you download the artwork without buying it? Sure you can. This digital artwork does not include a NFT (non-fungible token). I think that cryptoart is a scam, I do not believe that the very concept of buying „bragging rights“ while actively working towards the destruction of our planet is a good thing, and I oppose its very concept. Cryptoart is, to quote, a pyramid-scheme, it’s designed to create a solution for a nonexisting problem. Because, you see: This work of art already belongs to you.

What I can offer you is put your name on a list of names of people who already own this work of art! Please let me know at checkout under which name or alias you’d like to appear. Please note that no copyrighted names can be used, and I won’t put up anything related to group-focused enmity.

Can you pretend you bought and now own it and some alias on the List Of Owners is in fact you? Sure thing! You do you.

Can you purchase a whole lot of this artwork? Of course you can, if that makes you happy. It will certainly make me happy. 🙂

(This artwork was created in Krita on a Ubuntu installation.)